Maidan’s Eyes prj.

Maydan’s Eyes

The project is dedicated to my close childhood friend – Elf, that helped me come up with the concept and the name “Maidan’s Eyes .

During the execution of the task ahead of us,  my friend lost his eye during the battle for maidan 18.02.2014.


                                             few hours before: Elf


The concept of the project: a diptych of two portraits of a Maydan protester, eyes in close-up and full length. I asked each one 5 questions:
1) Name (fictional)
2) Age
3) Region of residence
4) Job
5) How many children (if any)
I worked on the project from January, 30th to February, 17th, having gathered the information and photos of about 100 people. Thereby I visualized an average social and statistical portrait of the Maydan protester.

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